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Employment – CC MSAC

Hello Everyone,

I hope this find you and your families safe and healthy. It has been awhile since we have sent out our regular newletter and updates, we are living in strange times.

The school is operating and busy. We are all wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. We were lucky enough to begin live streaming our courses at the very beginning so we have had very little down time. 

We are currently starting many new classes and have refresher courses scheduled through the end of the year. We also have all of our American Heart Association courses on the schedule as well. Go to  to see all of our courses

Employment Opportunity

I have been asked to send out information on an employment opportunity to do COVID-19 testing. The Clark County MSAC team is looking for approximately 20 individuals that are either EMT or AEMT certified. This is part of our FEMA operation to do COVID-19 testing on as many of the public as possible.

Currently they are testing at the UNLV parking structure and the Texas Station parking structure with the National Guard. Soon they will be moving the testing sites to Cashman Field and the other to Cox Pavilion. They are operating Tuesday-Saturday, 0730-1630, and it will be a paid position based on the contract with FEMA.

To participate, you must be a certified EMT, AEMT or Paramedic. You will be working as an observer to the public as they walk up and administer a “self-test”. You would be verifying that they are doing it correctly. At other testing sites you may be administering the COVID tests, depending on the model they are following.

This is a great opportunity to learn and participate, as I said earlier, this is a paid opportunity and more information will be forth coming. Please let me know as soon as possible as it is a first come first serve opportunity.

If you are interested please respond to this email with your name, email, and cell number. I will contact you with more information

Debra Dailey